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Selling dolls

Would anyone be interested in any of these? I’m looking to downsize.

Dot dead goregous spectra
Ghouls rule Draculaura
Skull shores gil
Skull shores lagoona
Skull shores ghoulia
Skull shores abbey
Gloom beach Frankie
Fearbook Draculaura
13 wishes lagoona
Picnic casket jackson
Picnic casket frankie
Frights camera action elissabat
Roller Maze abbey
Scaris rochelle
Sweet 1600 frankie
Sweet 1600 draculaura

I have pictures I swear! I’m just seeing if there’s an interest before I do a huge photo post.

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I have officially decided that I have gone overboard with my Monster High collection.

Any suggestions on how/where to sell?

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